Binns Machinery Company

Manufacturers of the Super-Lathe®

Super-Lathe® Mill-Duty General Features

The Super-Lathe® is designed and built specifically for steel mill duty. As a result, every machine offers the following design features and quality assurance:

  1. One year warranty on all parts and labor; see standard warranty terms.
  2. True four way bed of fabricated and heat treated steel, with full hard way inserts, and leveling jack screws integral with bottom plate.
  3. Tailstock with power traverse on bed, double wedge clamping on bed with horizontal draw bars, and intrinsic backup for the clamp.
  4. Extra rigid rectangular quill, fit in preloaded guides, clamping not required, with constant thrust thermal compensation.
  5. Carriage equipped with our patented anti-friction ways, and ultra rigid design with close coupled forces.
  6. Full featured, main brand CNC, modern high gain servos, and modern high torque digital spindle drive.
  7. Inherent accuracy is: plus or minus .0005"/ft. of longitudinal movement, cumulative to .005" maximum in total travel; plus or minus .0005" of cross movement in total travel; and on each axis, repeatability of .0005", and accuracies of contouring of .0005". These accuracies are sufficient for normal roll shop work, but if required, greater accuracies can be provided.
  8. Automatic lubrication systems, interlocked with carriage and spindle drives.
  9. Air jet coolant for cutter, and for chip dispersal from cutting zone.
  10. Two identical bolt on, flange type, deep case hardened centers, with 60º or 70º included angle offered as standard.
  11. Spindle face plate arranged for four standard bolt on jaws, but no jaws.

In addition to the above standard features, our optional equipment offers similar premium quality and uncompromising design features:

  1. Extended warranty and service contract for 2nd through 10th years, to cover mechanical parts and labor; see standard warranty terms.
  2. Quick loading, two jaw, self aligning work driver to handle wabblers up to 17" diameter with a maximum of 16" across flats or corners of spade or pod type wabbler; this driver is extremely rigid in the torsional direction, but does not force workpiece off center when loading.
  3. Patented 8 jaw chuck, with integral jaws and screws, for rolls with larger drives; four radial jaws (conventional) plus 4 offset jaws, which provide a rigid drive: the offset jaws remove the effect of lateral clearance in the jaw slide by transferring the tangential direction of driving onto the long axis of the offset jaws, eliminating lost motion and compliance as found in the conventional 4 jaw arrangement, an essential requirement when taking extremely heavy cuts, such as 6" off diameter.
  4. Unique 3 roller steady rest which allows carriage to pass by, and permits top or front loading without sacrificing rigidity; roller adjustment is power driven on larger models; the base clamps to the bed with the same style of clamps as the tailstock for extra rigidity.
  5. Specially designed cartridge tooling intended for use on steel mill rolls, clamping quickly and rigidly with a power wrench, and locating accurately enough for most work; less than one minute is required for a change, and maximum rigidity is maintained.

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